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February 01, 2019 15 min read

When choosing baby onesies, it’s not enough to simply go for what’s cute or what looks adorable on your little human. It’s essential to consider comfort and safety first over anything else to avoid any nasty surprises on your baby’s delicate skin.

And when it comes to getting the comfort and protection our babies’ skin needs, many parents believe that organic baby onesies are their best bet.

If you’re looking to take the green approach to dressing your baby, then we got you covered.

Here, we’ve put together a list of the best organic baby onesies that are good for your little human and the planet. Because unlike what Kermit the Frog once famously sang, it is not that hard being green!

First Things First--Why Switch to Organic Baby Clothing?

It may seem strange that something as basic as a bodysuit could pose a health risk to babies.

But in the reality of today’s clothing and textile industry, where the use of pesticides, synthetic substances, and other hazardous fabric additives is widespread from farming all the way to production, wrapping our baby in just any outfit without considering the quality, origin, and processing of the material is unwise.

Why? Consider these facts and stats:

As parents, we all want the best for our babies--and those above clearly aren’t.

So what’s a mom (or a dad) gotta do? Well, the best and safest choice parents have is to choose baby clothing that respects the environment and protects baby’s natural, delicate skin.

Here’s why it’s time to make the switch to organic baby clothing:

It’s best for baby’s delicate skin

We all know that baby’s skin is delicate. But did you know that they’re also thinner and more porous than an adult’s?

This means that substances can more easily make their way through a baby’s skin layers--that includes all the irritants, allergens, and bacteria from the environment! This makes babies highly susceptible to the long-term health consequences of chemically-treated baby clothes. By choosing organic baby clothes, parents can rest easy knowing that they’re not exposing their little ones to harmful chemicals or toxins--but instead are wrapping them with pure love and snuggly softness.

It’s farmer-friendly

Not only does organic clothing benefit babies, but it also gives farmers and their families a healthy and sustainable future by eliminating all harmful synthetic pesticides throughout the farming and production processes.

It’s more durable than clothing made from conventional materials

Because organic fabrics do not undergo extensive chemical processing and finishing treatments, they are more durable than clothing made using conventional materials. They can last up to 5 times than conventional fabrics.

It’s better for the environment

When we choose clothing made from organic materials, we also choose the environment. This is because products created organically don’t involve the use of as much conventional energy, water, and other natural resources as conventional products. It also reduces the amount of chemicals introduced to the ground and the immediate area where they are grown.

The Best Organic Baby Onesies at a Glance


Wild Baby

-100% GOTS organic cotton

- No chemical dyes or bleach used

- Gender-neutral design

- Very soft and durable fabric

- Quality construction

Easy to get on and off

- Limited prints available

Burt’s Bees

-100% GOTS organic cotton

-Classic design is great for layering

-Fabric stretches nicely

-Has fold-over cuffs for both hands and feet

-Lasts through each wash

-Fabric is quite thin

-Snaps don’t open all the way through the legs, so the bodysuit needs to go over the head

Under the Nile

-Thick, durable fabric

-Bright, colorful prints

-Tagless design

-Fold-over hand mittens

-Converts from a romper to a gown--two garments in one

-Sizing is slightly big


-Certified GOTS organic

-Nice, thick fabric

-Cute and clean prints

-Practical neck to knee zipper closure

-Includes a zipper safety tab at the neckline

-Arm and leg length are just right

-Fits well

- Neckline is high

- Fabric shrinks after several washes

Cat and Dogma

-Soft quality organic cotton

-No harsh dyes and chemicals

-Playful prints

-Fit is cloth diaper-friendly

- One of the snaps got pulled out from the fabric

Parade Organics

- GOTS certified organic

- Double 'two-way' zipper

- Inside fabric zipper protection from skin

- AZO free dyes

- Nickel free snaps

- Hand printed design

- Fabric is stretchy

-Fabric is a bit thin and scratchy

-Length runs a bit long


-100% GOTS certified organic cotton

-Dyed with non-toxic and eco-friendly inks

-Signature coconut snaps

-One-piece has a generous fit at the bottom

-Fabric is designed for far less shrinkage than is standard

-Wide neck opening

- Snaps make the top a little heavy


What to Consider When Buying Organic Baby Clothing

Just like any other baby products, not all organic baby clothes are created equal. So what should you keep an eye out for when going green?

Below are the criteria we used for judging the best organic onesies for your little human.


Before making the switch to organic clothing, make sure that you know and trust the brand you’re buying from. It’s easy to add an “organic” label to any product without it being so.

So, how will you know that the onesie you’re eyeing for your little one is indeed made with care? Look for the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) label, the gold standard when it comes to organic clothing. When a product is GOTS-certified, that means it has met stringent environmental and social criteria throughout the entire processing chain. 


Organic baby clothing typically costs more than non-organic alternatives. This is because greater care is given to the crops as well as to the people involved in the processing and manufacturing of the raw materials and finished products.

Nevertheless, it’s still possible to make sustainable choices without breaking the bank! So many brands these days offer not just high-quality organic onesies but affordable ones at that--like the outfits we included in this review. All the amazing organic one-pieces we included in this review are under $25.


Because absolutely anything and everything can be choking hazards to very young babies, it’s essential that you steer clear from clothing that features small pieces such as buttons, bows, rhinestones, and other decorative appliques.  While snaps and zippers are unavoidable, make sure that these features are of excellent quality and are securely attached to the fabric.

Fit and comfort

Of course, the overall fit and comfort of the onesie are important. Make sure to choose pieces that are soft, breathable, and comfortable with no irritating tags or seams. Of equal importance is choosing the right size of clothes for your baby. Sizing can be a bit confusing because it usually differs from one manufacturer to the next.

For this review, we used onesies in the newborn or 0-3 month size. Many parents warn against buying clothes in this size because babies tend to outgrow them quickly. Our take is that while this is true for some, at the end of the day, it all depends on your baby. Some babies skip the newborn size altogether and go straight to the 3- or 6-month size. Other smaller babies, meanwhile, wear newborn clothes for months. So the best thing parents can do is to buy clothing items in several sizes and return, give, or donate what you don’t use.

Now that we’ve got all these information out of the way, it’s time to move on to the best part: the reviews!

Who Makes the Best Organic Baby Onesies?

This is probably where Kermit the Frog got it right--it’s not that easy being green...when there are so many beautiful and high-quality organic baby clothing options on the market! It can be very tricky to score the best deals among all the green products vying for every parent’s attention.

But fret not, mama. We already did the work for you. Here are seven of our favorite organic baby onesies from trusted brands. The best part is we divided them into three categories: for everyday comfort, for a good night’s sleep, and for occasional weekend outings.

For everyday comfort

Wild Baby

wild baby organic onesie

If you love cutesy details, gender-neutral colors, and nothing but the lightest and most breathable fabric for your little human, then you’ll love this organic kimono-style bodysuit from Wild Baby!

A perfect everyday essential for your baby, this kimono is made from soft, all-natural GOTS certified 100% organic cotton, with no harmful dyes and chemicals. One thing we love about this kimono is its versatility. The fabric is lightweight, which means you can use it for your baby for all types of weather as it’s cool enough in the summer and warm in winter.

Although the material is not as stretchy as the other options on this list, we think that this kimono’s overall fit is good, neither too big nor too small. The long sleeves are easy to roll up or down, and the crotch area also has additional wiggle room to accommodate cloth nappies or disposables.

But what we love most about this onesie is that it’s so easy to get on and off. Its side and bottom snap fasteners are easy to open and close for fast diaper and clothing changes. Simply lay the baby on the onesie, insert the arms and legs, and snap the buttons up. So much easier than over-the-head styles!

If you’re getting the 0-3 month (like what we’re reviewing here) and 3-6 month sizes, you’ll be pleased to know that it comes with fold over mitten hand covers, great for preventing scratches and protecting baby from cold temperatures. Another thing that we like about this onesie is that it’s tagless on the neckline, thus preventing itch and irritation on baby’s skin.

Overall, we think that this kimono onesie from Wild Baby is a must-have especially for parents who are still building their baby’s organic clothing wardrobe. It’s soft, durable, versatile, and safe for baby’s skin (and the planet’s), it’s easy to get on and off, and is reasonably priced as well!

Burt’s Bees

burt's bees organic onesie

Burt’s Bees Baby Organic Cotton One-Piece in Heather Grey Rugby Stripes is anything but basic--baby boys and girls can surely rock this classic one-piece with flair!

Made from The Purest Layer, Burt’s Bees Baby’s organic, GOTS certified cotton, this grey and white striped one-piece is soft, smooth, and stretchy. Other Amazon reviewers also commented on how durable this one-piece is even through endless washes!

For parents wary about getting newborn sizes, thinking that it might run small, you’ll be surprised to know that the 0-3 month size of this bodysuit actually fits well. Initially, we also thought that this onesie wouldn’t be appropriate for babies 0-3 months since the material is quite thin and the arms and legs are a bit long. But we discovered that it fits just right. The fabric may be thin, but it’s definitely cool and stretchy, and the arms and legs also come right down to baby's hands and feet well.

For gentle dressing, this unisex infant bodysuit features two little snaps in the neckline, which feature Burt’s Bees signature bee logo. Snaps can also be found in the diaper line for hassle-free diaper changes.

But we gotta admit, we would have loved this one-piece even more if the snaps only went all the way from the neck to the legs. We found it slightly tricky to pull the one-piece over a wiggly baby’s head.

Nevertheless, we’re sure that parents will love the extra details on this one-piece, like the fold-over cuffs for both hands and feet. These keep baby’s hands and feet warm during colder weather and also prevent scratches.

All in all, this grey and white striped one-piece from Burt’s Bees Baby is a good pick for baby’s everyday wear. It features a classic and gender-neutral design, it’s comfortable, and has a nice stretch to it.

For a good night’s sleep

Under the Nile

under the nile organic onesie

Babies spend up to 80% of their new life sleeping. Thus, it’s important to dress them up in comfortable sleepwear that’s breathable and free from synthetics and chemical residues.

We think this convertible organic one-piece from Under the Nile is the perfect outfit to put your baby to sleep--you’ll definitely want to snuggle with your little one all night long! The best thing we love about this bodysuit is its fabric. It’s thick but is ultra-soft and comfortable. This is because it’s made of 100% organic Egyptian cotton.

Aside from the fabric, we also adore its bright and colorful safari animal print of elephants, giraffes, hippos, lions, and cheetahs. The print is clean and attractive and isn’t too strong--which reminds us of bright, sunny days!

And to keep baby’s hands warm at night and to protect their face from scratches, this one-piece also features foldover hand mitts sewn into the sleeve hem.

But perhaps what we love most about this one-piece is how it easily converts from a gown to a romper. Just adjust the front snaps, and you’re good to go. This one-piece is loaded with snap buttons to make going from gown to romper and vice versa possible--but don’t worry, we checked each of them and they feel really secure and of high quality.

We found, though, that the 0-3 month size can be a bit baggy for most newborns, especially the neck opening and the leg area (when turned into a romper). But this also means that you can get more than three months of solid use with this one-piece.

We are loving this convertible organic one-piece from Under the Nile, for sure! We can’t get enough of the softness of its fabric, its bright and cute safari animal prints, and its ease of use. The only con we have observed so far is its sizing as it’s a bit bigger for most newborns. But on the upside, it also means your baby can use it much longer!


owlivia organic onesie

Want a break from snap closures and enjoy a much easier way of dressing up a squirmy baby for bed? Then Owlivia’s best-selling organic cotton zip-up footless sleeper is for you.

Like all the bodysuits in this list, this cozy little sleeper is made with 100% certified organic cotton and natural dyes to ensure that no harmful chemicals come in contact with your little one's precious, delicate skin.

Upon our initial visual inspection, we’ve observed that this one-piece is well-designed. Its fabric is soft and cozy, and has a nice stretch to it. We’re also big fans of its gender-neutral leopard print as it looks cute and clean. Its neckline, however, runs slightly higher, which bigger babies may find annoying.

What we’re most impressed of, though, is its zipper closure, which extends from the neck to the knees. We found the design to be very useful and practical, especially during nighttime diaper changes when parents can barely keep their eyes open. Unzip. Change. Zip. Done.

If you fear that the zipper might accidentally pinch baby’s skin, worry not because it comes with a zipper guard on the inside to protect baby’s skin. Plus, it has an additional safety tab at the neckline to protect baby’s chin and keep the zipper away from little hands.

This snug one-piece also features a footless design so your little human can get their feet free to kick around in their sleep sack during the night.

All in all, this organic cotton zip-up one-piece from Owlivia is a well-designed product that will keep your little human sleeping safe and sound. The material is thick and of high quality, offers a snug fit, and is easy to get on and off with its zipper closure. The only thing bigger babies may not love about it is its high neckline, so you may be better off going a size up to ensure comfort.

For Weekend Outings

Cat and Dogma

cat and dogma organic onesie

If you’re planning to take your baby out for some fresh air and natural sunlight, make sure to dress him or her in clothes appropriate for the season so that they’re neither too hot nor too cold.

Whether the temperature dips or soars, it’s all about layers that you can add or remove as needed. And this cute organic lion romper from Cat and Dogma is a versatile one-piece that works for all types of weather.

Its fabric is soft, cool, and breathable, making it perfect for weekend outings during warmer weather. Since it’s cozy and lightweight, we figured that it could also serve as a base layer in colder weather. You can then just add another layer of clothing if necessary, such as a soft sweater or cardigan and then top it off with a blanket.

We like that this one-piece isn’t just cute and attractive with its playful prints and colors, but it’s also snug and fits comfortably. It has snaps on the left side of the neckline to make it easy to put the one-piece over baby’s head. But despite its wide neck opening, we have to admit that we still had a tough time fitting the baby’s head through it.

This one-piece also comes with extra snaps in the crotch area for easy diaper changes. According to the brand, they have thoughtfully designed their pieces with extra room in the bottom to accommodate families using reusable cloth diapers, which are typically bulkier than disposables.

What we didn’t like, though, is how easily one of the snaps in the leg area came off the fabric when we were trying to put it on. The other snaps, however, seem secure, so we think that maybe there is a manufacturing defect with these. Either way, we think the brand should definitely be more vigilant in testing out and securing these small parts, which can pose as choking hazards for babies.

Overall, this Cat and Dogma organic baby one-piece is a good product for parents looking to take their little humans out. It’s an attractive, comfortable, and versatile outfit for babies to wear during weekend outings. The only issue we have with this outfit is the snaps. One of the snaps was too flimsy that it quickly came off the fabric when we tried putting it on.

Parade Organics

parade organics organic onesie

Think it’s impossible to maintain a balance between stylish and sustainable when out and about with your little human? Not with Parade Organics’ short sleeve zip one-piece outfit.

Parade Organics’ zip romper is made from organic cotton that’s stronger and more durable than processed cotton. The fabric is also stretchy. We found, though, that the material is thinner and can be a bit stiffer compared to the other brands on this list. Nevertheless, other customer reviews online say that this one-piece eventually gets softer after a few washes.

We love that this organic romper is literally green--it features an eco-inspired design of green crocodiles, which are hand-printed with Azo free dyes.

To make dressing up and changing nappies quick and hassle-free, this onesie comes with two-way double zippers. Simply zip down from the top for dressing and zip up from the bottom for changes. No more pulling over baby’s head--which, as all parents know, can be such a struggle!

And Just like the Owlivia onesie, this crocodile one-piece also comes with zipper guard and safety tabs to protect baby’s skin.

We also noticed that this one-piece runs a bit long for most young babies, but on the upside, the long cuffs (plus the extra stretch) will make the outfit last for your little one.

Overall, we think this green zip romper from Parade Organics is a cool outfit for occasional baby day outs! It’s green both literally and figuratively and makes changing a breeze. The fabric is not as soft as the other onesies in this review, but other parents say it eventually does get softer after a few washes--so we’re keeping our fingers crossed!


finn and emma organic onesie

With their round, innocent eyes, oversized head, and chubby cheeks, babies always seem to grab everyone’s attention wherever they go. Well, what more when you dress up your little one with this bright, orange onesie from Finn + Emma--they’ll surely look even more appealing from head to toe.

Made with buttery soft organic cotton, this piece from Finn + Emma shows parents that they don’t have to choose between being stylish and being sustainable--they can get both with it!

Simple and comfortable, this onesie is indeed of high quality. We love that the onesie is not only bold and attractive, but also has soft and breathable fabric. The dyes and inks used in the garment are non-toxic and eco-friendly, which is a big plus. We also noticed that the tags are printed directly on the cloth and not stitched on the neck area to avoid possible skin irritation.

Another thing we love about this orange one-piece outfit is that it comes with Finn + Emma’s signature coconut snaps. These snaps are made from lead- and nickel-free metals, and feature all-natural coconut inserts engraved with the brand’s signature birdie. We love that these snaps are a breeze to open and close, yet feel so secure!

The neck also has a wide opening, making it easy to pull over baby’s head. Plus, the bottom is designed to have additional wiggle room to accommodate both disposable and cloth diapers. We’re satisfied with the overall fit of this onesie as it’s neither too loose nor too tight.

Overall, this Poppy Orange onesie from Finn + Emma is an adorable outfit for both baby girls and boys! The color is bold and attractive, which you rarely see in organic clothing. The fabric is cozy and stretches out nicely, and the overall fit is excellent.

Final Thoughts

Buying organic baby clothes is not just some hype that will eventually die down. It has become a sensible choice that many families are making today for a number of good reasons: they’re proven kinder to a child’s skin, the community, and the planet. Plus, it can also be more cost-effective in the long run.

With the many different options of organic baby clothes parents today, there’s no reason for your little humans not to look great while feeling comfortable in any weather and occasion at any time of the day.

To enjoy everyday comfort, we highly recommend Wild Baby’s kimono bodysuits and Burt’s Bees Baby onesies.

To ensure a good night’s sleep for your baby, you can never go wrong with Under the Nile and Owlivia’s sleepers.

And to keep your little human stylish and comfortable on weekend outings, Cat and Dogma, Parade Organics, and Finn + Emma are great options as they effortlessly blend style and sustainability.

But if we were to choose one organic onesie that’s perfect for all these categories, hands down, the Wild Baby kimono bodysuit is our best pick! It has ticked all the right boxes we established prior to the review: it has all the right eco-credentials, it offers the best comfort and fit, it has secure and safe features, and is reasonably priced as well.

See? It’s not that hard being green after all!

We hope that this review inspired you to make more sustainable clothing choices for your little human.

What’s your favorite organic baby onesie? Tell us in the comments below.

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