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What does the therapy pack contain?

The all-natural therapy pack contains clay mineral beads and dried lavender flowers. 

How do I heat the therapy pack? 

Remove the therapy pack from the plush pal and insert it into the microwave for 30 seconds. Re-insert it back into the plush pal and give it to your child for lots of warm hugs and snuggles! The therapy pack should only be reheated from room temperature. 

How do I use the therapy pack as a cold compress?

The therapy pack can be used alone as a cold compress by removing it from the plush pal and putting it into the freezer for up to two hours. It doubles as the perfect boo boo cold pack! 

Can I wash my plush pal?

We recommend that the plush pals be spot cleaned with water.

What are the benefits of lavender? 

Aromatherapy with lavender helps reduce stress, anxiety, and is a great sleep aid, perfect for providing comfort in unusual or stressful situations such as at daycare or on a road trip, and helps little ones relax and fall asleep.

I ordered a plush pal for my friend's baby shower. Can you gift wrap it?

All of our plush pals come in a cute, kraft-style gift box perfect for gifting!