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Lovable. Don’t be too surprised when these become your kiddo’s new best friends! Our Wild Baby Plush Pals are 10 inches big, and come in irresistibly cuddly animal designs.

They’re the perfect snuggle size which makes them easy to bring along to the outdoors, or wherever playtime brings you.

Multipurpose. Our therapy pack is completely removable from the plush animal exterior to prevent any unfortunate encounters of your kids seeing their favorite plushies inside the freezer or worse – the microwave. You can simply remove the therapy pack, heat or freeze as needed, and tuck it back inside the cuddly plush exterior. 

Child-Safe. Each Plush Pal is completely child-safe. The Plush Pals’ eyes, ears, and mouth are completely sewed in, removing any components that may possibly become choking hazards. The therapy packs are also made of all-natural mineral beads and dried lavender bits enclosed and tucked-away in plain sight by a tight velcro strip. 

Soothing. It’s simply aromatherapy in a plush toy! The dried lavender bits infused in the therapy packs give off a soothing scent when warmed. Lavender has been known for its many health benefits including relieving stress and anxiety, helping to keep your little one in a calm state. The removable therapy pack helps to reduce temperatures, ease pain, and provide comfort when used as a cold compress, heating pad, or bed warmer.

Gift-Ready. All Plush Pals come in kraft packaging that make for instant gifts. Simply add to cart and it’s ready to be shipped straight to your loved ones without any fuss.