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June 16, 2018 5 min read

When there’s a baby on the way, there’s sure to be a baby shower looming on the calendar!

baby shower gift

Baby showers are a great way to celebrate the exciting arrival of a new bundle of joy and help future parents prepare for the roller-coaster ride that is parenthood.

And if you’re a friend or a family member of the expectant parents, you’re probably wondering what baby shower gift to get that the mom and baby will appreciate. If there is a gift registry, then you’re in luck. If not, then fret not! We did the work for you and narrowed down the best of the best baby shower gifts out there. From practical to precious, here are some of the best baby shower gifts that will thrill the new mama and baby alike.

Newborn Essentials

1. CLOTH DIAPERS. Hands down, a bag of diapers is the most popular gift in baby showers and is often the most appreciated by expectant moms since it caters to a baby’s everyday need.

kids cloth diapers
While they can be more pricey upfront compared to disposables, cloth diapers actually save parents money as they last much longer and are better for the environment, too. Market feedback has also been very positive given that babies who wear them don’t get as much (if at all) diaper rash.

2. BABY CLOTHES. Of course, you can never go wrong with baby clothes! Choose baby clothes that are chemical-free and of premium quality to make sure that baby’s skin is safe and protected. Wild Baby offers a lovely selection premium and organic baby kimonos and footies ideal for playtime, sleep, and everything in between.

3. BEDDING and BABY BLANKETS.Nothing says ‘welcome home’ better than a nice and warm baby blanket. If you’re planning to take the practical route, add a personal touch to your gift by monogramming or stitching the baby’s name or initials on the blanket. Not only do blankets keep babies comfortable, they also make great keepsakes for moms.

4. DIAPER BAG. A diaper bag that can carry everything a mom needs on baby’s day out is a must-have. A regular carryall or tote bag will not do as baby bags are specifically designed to have compartments for specific things. It should be sturdy enough to hang on the handle of a stroller, with the straps wide enough for moms to carry comfortably.

wild baby diaper bag

5. PLUSH TOYS make great bed companions for babies and even up to toddlers. Wild Baby’s Microwave Plush Pals provide soothing warmth and relaxation in a huggable plush toy. It has an easy to use removable therapy pack with a lavender scent, which can be heated or chilled to provide comfort to babies.

wild baby plush pal

Gifts for the New Mama

6. GIFT CERTIFICATES. It’s not an exciting gift but it’s certainly a practical one since the expectant mom can use it to purchase what she really needs for her or the baby. Guests tend to duplicate their gifts and might miss other essential stuff that usually don’t end up on the gift choices. Get her a gift certificate that would let her buy much needed things that guests would miss giving her.

7. CHILDREN’S (and MOM’S) BOOKS. Books don’t usually make it on top of the list of baby shower gift ideas, but at some point, it’s going to come in handy for moms when they get their child into a bedtime routine.
baby books

You can also get the new mama some books that are relevant to motherhood such as parenting, recipes for baby foods or lactation, or even grown-up best-sellers that she can enjoy during those (possibly elusive) quiet moments.

8. MEALS for at least a month. Once the baby arrives, things can get hectic for the mom. You can put up a board at the baby shower where friends can pick a week or days when they can commit to taking care of meals for the mom or both parents. As they say, "it takes a village to raise a child."

food for moms

9. MOM TREATS make great gifts. A gift certificate to the salon or spa, or a subscription to a publication she enjoys are not the usual gifts that go up the chart of priorities but are definitely welcome if they’re given as treats. Moms deserve pampering just as much as her baby does, so go treat her to her favorite activities for her well-deserved ‘me time’!

The Nice-to-Haves

10. UH-OH BASKET or a baby’s first aid kit. While we don’t plan on baby getting sick, it’s best to be prepared on the rare occasion that she gets the sniffles or fever after a vaccination. Among the popular items for a baby uh-oh basket are a nasal aspirator, thermometer, diaper rash cream, nail clippers, a small diary where baby’s health records and doctors contact information are written, as well as a book on children’s ailments and treatments.

first aid kit

11. BABY ACTIVITY GYM. Baby activity gyms or play mats offer loads of fun for babies, especially when they're just starting to enjoy tummy time. Activity gyms typically include a mat and toys hanging from soft bars or arches. For younger babies, play gyms are great as they encourage reaching, sitting up, and lifting the head. Older babies, on the other hand, can benefit from play gyms as they learn cause and effect, and even songs and words.

12. MOBILE. Moms can prop these over baby’s crib or play mat to keep baby occupied. Babies love looking at colorful toys in different shapes and sizes since they don’t have much control with their movement yet. Mobiles can also be placed over a play mat, a bouncer, and strollers.

baby crib mobile

13. BABY CARRIER. A popular and sought-after baby shower gift is the baby carrier. Choose one that’s ergonomically designed to avoid developing back pain, safe for baby, and can be worn on the front or back. Consider the comfort of both parent and child when choosing a baby carrier.

14. BATH SETS.Another baby essential. Babies burp, puke, poop and need to be washed and cleaned several times throughout the day. Consumables such as bath sets and diapers are a welcome gift. If you’re giving a bath set basket, ask for recommendations from veteran moms or from the store. Since it’s for a baby, don’t compromise quality over quantity. Pick a product that’s been baby tested and mom-approved.

15. FAMILY PHOTO SESSION. Want to make your baby shower gift very memorable? Consider gifting the new parents with a family photo session! It's a 
brilliant way to capture the excitement and the joy a couple has as they welcome their little arrival.

family photo session


The arrival of a child is a cause for celebration that requires preparation, and the baby shower is its advance party. Make a mom-to-be friend happy with these thoughtful gifts for her and her baby!

Aside from giving out carefully selected gifts, another way to make the celebration extra special is by preparing fun and exciting baby shower games. Clueless on which games fit the occasion? We got your back. Grab your free printable gender neutral baby shower games today!


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