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Microwave Plush Pal with Hot Cold Therapy Pack - Knit Puppy

Specially designed to be fully microwavable or just heat the removable therapy pouch. The Wild Baby Microwave Plush Pal Puppy provides soothing warmth and relaxation in a cute and cuddly companion. The soft knit and low pile plush shell has no hard plastic parts, making the Plush Pal truly huggable without irritations. High-quality durable materials are safe for the microwave when used as directed.

heatable stuffed animal stuffed animal with hot cold therapy pack

Heat is absorbed by the natural clay beads and then slowly released along with the wonderful aroma of lavender flowers. This warm cozy animal is perfect as a hand warmer or heating pad for a restful night.

The easy-to-use removable therapy pack can be used separately as a cold compress. Simply freeze pack for at least 2 hours to effectively bring cool gentle relief to reduce temperatures, ease pain, bruises and swelling. Place the cold compress back into the Plush Pal for a boo boo pack that kids will love to hold. The 12-inch neutral colored, soothing soft comfort toy is easily packable for travel to daycare, on the road, or on vacation.

Wild Baby is proud to provide these versatile features and eco-conscious elements to its products. The Wild Baby Microwavable Plush Pals are safe and fun for young toddlers, girls and boys age 3+.

Special Gift Box Edition Now Available For A Limited Time. 

Do not overheat. Do not ingest contents. Reheat from room temperature only.